BuiltSmart Group is an experienced and innovative construction company that specialises in commercial and residential projects, mass timber and prefabrication building methodologies.

With over 30 years of building experience, our focus has always been, and continues to be, to produce the highest quality built environment that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Every project we create is a testament to our advanced design and building development that delivers a high level of luxury on every project.

We have local knowledge and an experienced team. We are pioneers in the field and follow a value-adding approach. Our aim is to build a partnership based on trust with an emphasis on sustainability and quality.


BuiltSmart Group offers commercial construction services nationwide. Our portfolio consists of quality commercial projects, including schools, resorts, health developments and display suites, as well as affordable housing solutions for leading developers throughout Sydney and the wider area.

BuiltSmart Group’s strength is the ability to construct cost effective and quality commercial developments that meet client’s budget expectations and time frames.


From high end residential developments and individual new homes to small sized renovations and secondary dwelling projects, BuiltSmart Group offers a quality residential construction service.

With a fantastic team behind us, our experience in residential projects includes the full range of construction – from premium to affordable, high density to low density, multi-storey to single storey and detached to attached.

Our knowledgeable building team can help turn our client’s concepts into completed projects and BuiltSmart Group will assist you throughout the entire building process.

Mass Timber

At BuiltSmart Group we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise in the construction and use of Mass Timber.

Mass Timber is a sustainable, high-quality building material that can be simpler and much more efficient for any building project, no matter the size. Mass Timber presents exciting new possibilities for the construction industry, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront.

BuiltSmart Group’s experience and understanding of this material and model of construction makes us the ideal partner for developers, builders and architects looking to enter this new field with confidence.


Prefab is a fast, easy design and construction process. The beauty and flexibility of BuiltSmart Group’s Prefab service is our ability to build undercover in a controlled environment in our Australian factory.

All projects are 90% factory built ensuring speed of delivery, as well as the highest standard of quality control. We offer a practical and sustainable construction solution, without compromising the design or liveability. We know the exact amount of materials needed to construct your prefab home, the trades needed to construct them and how long they will take, meaning we can give you a fixed upfront price. This will give you peace of mind that there aren’t going to be any cost overruns.

What Our Team Brings to the Table

Sean O’Hara

Chief Executive Officer

Bringing more than 25 years of construction experience to the table, Sean is a veteran of the industry.

Sam Eden


Sam’s passion for construction extends well beyond his talents as an Estimator for BuiltSmart Group.

Shane Marmara


In an industry that places tremendous value on getting things right, Shane’s passion for perfection is an asset to the BuiltSmart Group team.

Shane Penman

Site Manager

With an incredible eye for detail and more than 20 years of practical, hands-on experience, knowledge and trade expertise, Shane is an invaluable part of the day-to-day operations of BuiltSmart Group’s projects.